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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cat Nip Stuffed Mouse

 I decided to make some cute cat toys for our cats. Currently we have three cats living in this house, so this first one I made for the oldest cat, chicory, he loves catnip. I simply stuffed this mouse with catnip in the middle and rolled white stuffing around it and pushed it inside. I plan on making a pink one for our girl cat who adores any toy that is either pink or red. It's funny, ever sense she was a kitten those are the only color toys she will play with. I thought cat's were color blind???  I was planning on making a blue one for Vinni my youngest cat who will play with anything and everything, but for him I wanted to put a bell inside along with the catnip because he loves bells!
I do have the pattern for this mouse,and I would love to share. Eventually, I want to start posting free patterns on my blog after it gets a little more established. However, if you would like this pattern now please let me know.

oh! Please excuse my photo's. I broke the flash on my camera while snowboarding (aren't snowboarding jackets supposed to be waterproof ?), so to get a good picture the lighting has to be right, and well it wasn't for the above pictures.

Pondering what my next project should be... hummmm   *any suggestions?*

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